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Ninjas and Trannies (not necessarily in that order)

November 2nd, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Halloweened out? The GI has got a double dose of hilarity, love and friendship coming at you this week (triple if you count “VHS for President,” which I surely do). Bromance and brothers (in arms and blood) and straight up romance explodes off the screen in our week-long and weekend late night features, “Frankie Go Boom” and “Miami Connection.”

“Frankie Go Boom” stars the inimitable Irish rising actor Chris O’Dowd, known for his perfect line delivery but also being a randomly out of place Irishman in films full of very American sounding actors (see the implausible yet hilarious roles in “Bridesmaids” and “Friends With Kids,” where he steals otherwise unfunny scenes). It has brunette hottie (I can get away with saying that, my GF has a girl crush on her) Lizzy Caplan, less naked than in “True Blood,” but still hot. And as the coup-de-grace, my boy Ron Perlman as a lady! An interesting ensemble cast, should be just the thing to cure the November grey sky blues.

“Frankie Go Boom!” They loved it in Austin!

What is an even bigger treat is our late night “Miami Connection,” rediscovered and distributed by our friends at Drafthouse Films. With the best song about friendship to come out of the 80s, and some hardcore bromance between our Taekwondo loving bandmates (they’re all orphans! or are they…), they find themselves up against the enemies of love and peace (i.e. ninjas, drug dealers and jealous brothers). What seems to further lock-in the odd bromance and homoeroticism of this movie is four out of our five heroes can’t seem to land a girl, and when all else fails, they frolic in the water! Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

The only character in the movie keeping it from Bromageddon! It comes from Austin!

The main draw of “Miami Connection” is its star, writer and creator of the film, Y.K. Kim. He would go on to be a motivational speaker, teaching you how to be successful with the power of Taekwondo. He ends the film with an intertitle imploring you to achieve world peace through the elimination of violence. After seeing all the gory dismemberments in this movie, you’re left wondering if this guy isn’t a little bit off his rocker. Sure, Dragon Sound doesn’t go around looking for a fight, but they have no qualms killing people and even laugh when thugs get beat up. Maybe Y.K. Kim is sneaking in a little P.S.A., a “don’t try this at home kids” sort of thing. Anyway, the songs are top notch, the villians truly villainous, and the martial arts action dialed up to 10. Its dichotomy of visual message and stated message make for an entertaining exercise in “edutainment.” Truly one of a kind and not to be missed!

—ever see “Surf Nazis Must Die”?, dan

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