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AMA: another year come and gone (but not quite yet!)

October 26th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Another spectacular year of 35mm classics gracing our screen. But as usual, we save the best for last!

I could tell you “Wallace & Gromit” kicks ass and takes names, but you already know that. You know we got “The Burning” and “Jack the Giant Killer” for one more weekend. You know tonight is our annual Triple Creature Feature. But what don’t you know? Allow me to hype up two new events by some of own GI staff and our close compatriots in cinematic crime: Scarecrow Video and the Sprocket Society.

This Saturday night, we have the latest installment of VHS mashups culled from Scarecrow’s collection. These events are some of the very best memories I have of the Grand Illusion over the past year, starting with VHSXMAS last year (look for VHSXMAS 2 in December!). You are guaranteed to have good time, and if “The VCR That Dripped Blood” leaves you wanting more and you can’t wait for Christmas, come back next Saturday for special 21+ PBR event with an election edition entitled “VHS for President.” Scarecrow VHS mashups two weeks in a row? I’m in heaven!

Oh the blood-dripping VCR is a-coming-down-the-street, I hope there’s some special just for me!

On the actual Hallow’s Eve we’ve got a very special offering from the Sprocket Society’s trove of treasures, “The Secret Vault of Horrors.” This means more of their 16mm collection leaping out at your eyeballs with all the aplomb of a well-timed “boo!” Pre-code horror is promised, so you know that whatever comes your way will be uniquely and precisely entertaining and unexpected.

Well, does that satisfy you? It sure damn well better! Hollywood has failed us yet another October with no original thrills or chills, so take comfort in one more week of perfectly curated bumps in the night.

—seriously Hollywood, “Paranormal Activity 4?,” dan

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