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Ho-ley CRAPPPPPP!!!!! So Many Movies!!!!!

October 6th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

I do believe this is a “five-alarm” (five exclamation marks) movie madness extravagance, this our first week of AMA. Not one, not three, not five, but SIX movies! I’m talking “Possession,” “The Magic Sword,” “The Thing,” “American Scream,” “The Evil Dead,” and “Without Warning,” all taking place Friday through Sunday. How do we fit so much into one weekend? We’re the goddamn GI, don’t question us again! 🙂

So which of these have I seen? Well, still haven’t had a crack at “Possession” yet (why is it never on the shelf when I come by, Scarecrow???), and “American Scream” is piping hot new, but yes I, for yours and my own edification and enlightenment, I have seen the other four, “The Magic Sword” and “Without Warning” just within the past two days to get me up to speed!

Shall I break down the weekend for you? Well, for starters, AMA is bringing you nearly entirely 35mm goodness all month long! The only exceptions being the sort of entertainment you’ll only find at the GI, including obsolete formats like 16mm and VHS! But more on that later.

Anyway, the weekend. Tonight, a reprise of “Possession,” our much talked about booking from earlier this summer. I poked my head in from the booth enough times to feel this movie fits comfortably into the weekend shared with my favorite horror film of all time, John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” Equal parts tension and weird creature effects, in the theatre of my mind this movie is what happens if you put “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Ninth Gate,” and “The Thing” in a dirty, awkward menage a trois and set it on a slow boil.

Is that you, Dr. Grant?

First up on a Saturday matinee, both this weekend at next, the delightfully campy “The Magic Sword,” a truly gay romp of a movie. As billed, perfect for kids and families, but if you come only once to the GI during this month with family in tow, our must-see family surprise is “Wallace & Gromit” with the Were-Rabbit in glorious 35mm! And don’t forget the wonderful “Arsenic and Old Lace!” Ack! I’m getting ahead of myself!

Next up, the big dog! Can’t save the best for last I guess. Two special events this weekend too if you come at 6:45 on Saturday or Sunday. I’m talking 30th anniversary of my favorite horror film of all time! On 35mm! On Saturday it’s the MacGuffin podcast, on Sunday it’s Robert C. Cumbow. I can’t make Saturday, but I’ll sure as hell make Sunday!

I don’t really need to say anything more about “The Thing,” if you haven’t seen it, you must, if you have, you should be spending the rest of your life like me convincing others to do the same. I guess that’s what you would consider a “cult classic.” So be it. Anywho, moving on.

I love you “Half-Life,” but here’s the original “headcrab.”

I wish I could see “The American Scream.” I loved the awesomeness that is “Troll 2,” and I’ve put a bit of time into Halloween decorating this year. This movie sounds amazing, so if you have the chance to see it, please do and rub it in my face!

Phew, two more to go. Almost forgot that “The Evil Dead” is just Friday night only this weekend. I had the distinct pleasure of going to the stage musical in West Seattle last fall. Ask my girlfriend, I still bust out “Cabin in the woods, whoa-oh-oh-oh!” from time to time. To call “The Thing” a cult classic is one thing, “The Evil Dead” is the real deal. Genius in every sense, I recently alluded to it when blogging about “Rec 3.” Please, please see it, this weekend or next! Every time a screening of a 35mm print does well, it keeps the format alive just that much longer!

The original “Cabin in the Woods” (I love you Joss!)

This brings us to “Without Warning.” This film perfectly bookends the week’s theme of Evil E.T.s. The very best evil E.T. movie (edging out “Alien,” in my book, which we had last year) ever made side by side with one of the worst. Oh, how gloriously worst! After watching true terror at its mastery, watch Greydon Clark fumble about to try to create anything remotely resembling terror! Bring you pulse back down, then have it rise back up again in peals of laughter. Jack Palance and Martin Landau can’t save this movie, perfect for the MST3K treatment. I remember seeing another Clark film “Angel’s Revenge” get the MST3K treatment, and this film only marginally rises above that because it’s not such a blatant ripoff. Anyway, “Without Warning” must be seen to be believed, and it’s not available at Scarecrow!

If you’re not careful, this movie could suck the life from you too!

I think I’ve exhausted myself with this week, next week will be more manageable (fingers crossed!).

—-week one done and done, dan

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