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Demon Zombies and Video Games: The Return of Late Night

September 8th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Hey ho howdy o, I know you’ve been just chomping at the bit and rarin’ to go. What for? More late night! That’s why this week’s blog is a highlight of our September late night offerings: the glorious return of the best fast zombie movie series of the last decade (because all iterations are good, sorry 28 Weeks Later) “Rec 3,” and another superb GI unearthing of 80s sex comedy goodness “Joysticks.”

First in the month, and first on my agenda, “Rec 3.” I will proclaim loudly to anyone who loves zombie movies that apart from Snyder’s “Dawn of the Dead” and Boyle’s “28 Days Later,” there are no other truly great “fast zombie” movies to come out of the last decade besides the “Rec” films. And really the sub-genre (sub-sub-genre?) starts with those two modern classics, so the “Rec” movies are in great company. Another twist on the genre (cinema verite mentioned repeatedly in the beginning of “Rec 3” in case you missed it) came with the infusion of the “found footage” horror movie innovated by “The Blair Witch Project” and nearly beaten to death by “Paranormal Activity” and other films trying their damnedest to make you willingly (or unwillingly) suspend your disbelief. How does the “Rec” series stand out even further from the playing field and perfectly distill horror goodness? By adding in “demon zombies,” of the “Evil Dead” ilk. I gotta say movie hero of “Rec 3” looks a pretty damn sight like the Spanish Bruce Campbell. The elements of horrordom are clinched!

The Original

El Campbell de Bruce

Though “Rec 3” certainly has it moments of comedy, we’re satisfying your cravings for late night snickers (hmm, note to self, grab a Snickers) later this month with “Joysticks.” And hey, 35mm! If you ever thought to yourself how much a joystick resembles an erect phallus, well, so did the creators of this comedic gem. As with many screwball comedies of the early 80s (including “Screwballs,” one of my favorites), you’ll find plenty of all-natural nude beauties sprinkled gratuitously throughout the feature. And you’ll also see the extremely good-looking hero figure surround himself with awkward nerds and morbidly obese flatulent sidekicks. That’s right, this film was made in the very-narrow year range in which the good-looking cool kids and the nerds unite against a common foe, usually trying to shut some place down. And in the words of Rodney Dangerfield, “Hey everyone, we’re going to get laid!”

Are you about to see those girls show their boobs to this simpering nerd? Hey, it’s 1983, anything can happen!

Anyway, what more reason do you need to stay out on a Friday or Saturday night? Your buzz hasn’t worn off, and you don’t gotta get up for anything in the morning for crying out loud! See a damn movie! Tis the season!

—loves zombies AND video games, dan

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