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Bottle Rockets in Flight, Grand Illusion Delight!

August 11th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Oh yes, it’s Wes.

My boy, finally here at the Grand Illusion for the first time since I’ve been slinging corn and threading film at our favorite little art house theatre. And what perfect timing, his latest (and one of the greatest) film is rocking movies houses round the globe this summer, and we take it all the way back to the beginning with a 35mm print of “Bottle Rocket.” Rarely screened and rarely on film, view the career launching film for Anderson and the brothers Wilson at the Grand Illusion this week only!

If you’re like me, you enjoyed the gorgeous print of “The Sting” last week and were enraptured by the mastery of the con film in its finest form. “Bottle Rocket’s” amateurish enthusiasm at unraveling the heist/con genre (post-Tarantino and pre-Ritchie) is the perfect pairing to contrast “The Sting’s” criminal professionals. Anderson and the Wilson bros give us some of the worst (clumsy, not evil) criminals to ever grace the screen, and one of the most bungled heists ever imagined.

Hmm, but where oh where is the titular “bottle rocket?”

And what can I say for sweet sweet Inez? Few movies have ever made me want for it to work out between an unlikely couple. Luke Wilson may have used up most of his charm in this film. I know he got a bit overweight, but where has he gone? He used to make ladies swoon, right? Or maybe I’m remember the last 15 years differently.

It took until “Rushmore” for Anderson to truly find his voice, but other than the afore-mentioned Tarantino, how many American independent directors came out of the 90s and have developed such a rabid following (because they can’t make a bad movie!)? I’m sure there are a few, but Anderson became a cultural and critical mainstay. “Bottle Rocket” is the geode that Anderson has been splitting and polishing over the past 15 years.

—self-professed Andersonian, dan

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