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More Than Coherent

July 19th, 2014 § Leave a Comment

Holy mole! A pitch perfect sci-fi thriller, the anti-blockbuster film of the summer.

Let me be as concise as I can possibly be. I don’t want to give away any plot details; this film unfolds precisely and hits each story beat and reveal down to the second. It demands to be seen from start to finish with rapt attention.

My thoughts are coming out a bit jumbled, but this film’s cacophony of ideas come together out of fugue state for moments of brilliance and simplicity when so many similar sci-fi films try to purposely confuse you. If you feel dumb by the end, the filmmakers won. If the story doesn’t make sense, the filmmakers still won because, well, you dumb. This film lets the audience and the filmmakers both win.

Dramatic uplighting, damn straight.

Dramatic uplighting, damn straight.

The only similar no-budget sci-fi movie that I think accomplishes the “a-ha!” eureka moments with such aplomb is PRIMER. This film is a little easier to follow and less obtuse than PRIMER, but it is just as rewarding and enjoyable a film watching experience.

Enjoy this incredible film with a double feature Friday or Saturday and take in RIKI-OH on glorious 35mm, courtesy of our friends at Alamo Drafthouse. Long before the ultraviolence of Frank Miller and Mark Millar comic book adaptations in the west, this film put them all to shame before they were made. Nothing has gone as delightfully over-the-top in practical gore effects in live-action comic/manga adaptations. Think DEAD ALIVE for a similar goretastic experience. I mean, a hole gets punched clear through a guy!

My first GIF for the blog! This needed sharing.

My first GIF for the blog! This needed sharing.

That’s all this week. If you don’t see COHERENCE, I’ll know. Shame on you.

—co-to-the-herence, dan

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