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Members Only

April 18th, 2014 § Leave a Comment

Now, I suffer from the same deep down Freudian affliction as most other men: castration anxiety. I was worried that this film would put way worse of a tingle in my dingle than it did do. The movie spends far less time actually dealing with detached genitals than you (and I) might have thought; it is instead about something all men can relate to: legacy.

The film’s three main characters make for some interesting drama: 1) Siggi, the curator of the penis museum and seeker of the titular FINAL MEMBER, 2) Pall, legendary Icelandic womanizer and the first to pledge donation, and 3) Tom, well-endowed American exhibitionist with plans to donate while still alive. Even though the documentary was filmed over a multiple year period, the tension of who’s going to the the first specimen (and will the specimen be donated while the elderly Siggi is still alive) is extremely well paced and completely engrossing.

The filmmakers could have easily left the universal themes at the easy phallic metaphors and left it at that, but they have so much human generosity to the subjects of the film. A sympathetic symphony of patriotism, aging, obsession, and manhood. Funny, but never at the expense of its subjects.

This is the least subtle imagery in the film. I promise it doesn't get into the immature weeds.

This is the least subtle imagery in the film. I promise it doesn’t get into the immature weeds.

A tip of the hat yet again to our friends at Drafthouse for releasing another instant classic.

—made it through without quease or dis-ease, dan

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