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Positively Bergmanian

March 15th, 2014 § Leave a Comment

Okay, I haven’t seen much Bergman. But all the Scandinavian Americans speaking their native tongue and the quiet drama portrayed in rich black and white certainly drew parallels for me. It must’ve been striking high art chords with its 1979 Cannes audience as well, winning the Camera D’Or.

We do this a lot at the GI, have a string of similarly themed films in a row. Not talking about just director or actor retrospectives; here we have two weeks in a row films about rural life, filmed in the 70s and critical darlings. Both relatively forgotten till just recently, and both with real life subjects and real history. And both absolutely worthy of rediscovery!

And yes, of course the overt socialism drew the inevitable Sawant references from Seattle’s two weeklies. This film deserves much more than name dropping local politicians, and true cinephiles will see its place as a great contemporary piece to Malick’s DAYS OF HEAVEN. I wish I had thought of that first, but the great, late Roger Ebert beat me to it! Proves great minds think alike.

Nice cine. Anagram.

Nice cine. Anagram.

See you cats Saturday! I’ll be slinging film for the 7:00 NORTHERN LIGHTS and following that up with a lil’ anime! That’s right! The GI is still the best place in town to see anime on the relatively big screen! TIGER & BUNNY!

—northern by pacific northwestern, dan

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