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Another Beautiful Poetic Documentary

January 25th, 2014 § Leave a Comment

You can do yourself a favor and see TOKYO WAKA this week. Seriously. It’s a damn fine picture and I don’t mind telling you why.

In a happy trend, documentaries are returning more to their cinema verite roots. Why tell when you can show? Isn’t the true cinematic power of film its ability to show 24 pictures a second, pictures being worth a thousand words? This film focuses on crows, of course, but it happens to capture the essence of Tokyo at the same time. The reverence shown to crows by Japanese people is explored through religious symbolism and cultural signifiers, and is elegantly and eloquently paced throughout the film. There is the same repetition and reprisal of themes spaced so as to truly create a poem of a movie. A fine film to watch while the dry, grey winter air makes one melancholy in our own city.

I've been attacked by a crow. They aren't nice.

I’ve been attacked by a crow. They aren’t nice.

In stark contrast to the quiet stoicism of TOKYO WAKA stands RAZE, weekend late night and around for the full week. Fans of the classic grindhouse, Roger Corman-era “women in prison” movies and the new school horror, Eli Roth-era “torture porn” movies will be happy to see the two married together for bare-knuckled fights to the death. Speaking of GRINDHOUSE, in its recent Tarantino incarnation, Zoe Bell from DEATH PROOF is the star of the film. One of my personal favorite female genre stars, Rachel Nichols, co-headlines the bill.

We’ve added some more tasty treats to the calendar, be sure you scroll the whole main page!

—WAKA WAKA WAKA, Fozzie Bear, dan

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