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The Big Heat Is On The Way (FINALLY!)

July 6th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

As summer seems to finally be kicking off in Seattle (about two weeks after the OFFICIAL announcement *ahem* solstice). At least we don’t have the heat waves of the rest of the country, things are still growing here. What’s growing? Apart from our verdant foliage, I’m taking about your love for the GI!

Remember last summer when when had a string of 35mm loveliness in the form of mostly 50s movies? Our run is slightly smaller this summer, but hey we’ve got a brand new print of Fritz Lang’s “The Big Heat!” This tasty little number features the early work of Lee Marvin as a crook so big (literally) he’s got the cops of his fair burg eating out of his hand, and even the big time mob boss is a bit afraid of him too. But not Glenn Ford! His performance is the true centerpiece of this film, as he goes from loving and devoted husband/father to an ex-cop taking the law into his own hands. This movie’s got simmering performances all over the place, from Gloria Grahame (Violet Bick to you “Wonderful Life” regulars) to Marlon Brando’s older sister Jocelyn. This noir masterpiece has got cops, criminals, dolls and dames. And it’s a new 35mm print! What are you waiting for, an invitation? You got it Mac!

Oh yeah, and Lee Marvin doesn’t play a nice guy, did I mention that?

If you love leading man Glenn Ford, we’ve got two more weeks of him coming up after this with “Gilda” and “Experiment in Terror.” Check out these 35mm prints and love us!

For differing fare, we’ve got friend of the GI and Stranger Genius Award Nominee Shaun Scott back with us for his new film “100% Off,” playing at 9pm Friday-Tuesday with in person appearances Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday.

And don’t forget late night holdover new cult classic “Beyond the Black Rainbow,” sure to tide over Cronenberg fans until he stops making biopics and gritty gangster dramas (I still love you David!).

—here but for the grace of dog, dan

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