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Tricky Dick

September 27th, 2013 § Leave a Comment

He’s not my Nixon. But he is OUR NIXON. I defy you to not feel some warming in the cockles of your heart if you watch the trailer and listen to the election campaign theme song. The catchiest damn song! When I heard it pre-SIFF 2013 I would go around singing it out loud. Yes, it is that damn catchy. I don’t mean the trailer we have on our main page, I mean the original teaser trailer:

That’s the trailer that made we want to watch the movie, and I defy you to not want to watch after hearing that song (or at least hum it out loud). Best song in a trailer that makes me want to see the movie since MIAMI CONNECTION.

OUR NIXON, winner of best documentary at the aforementioned SIFF 2013, is great not only because it’s made entirely of old footage and no brand new voice over or talking heads, but because it has hitherto unseen or heard video and audio recordings from the men closest to the Nixon presidency. The level of candidness in this film is almost surreal.

Look, the film’s great. I say so, the SIFF audiences say so, and The Stranger even Suggests you check it out on Monday. Any day’ll do, we have it all week.

Now, back to my Breaking Bad marathon. Gotta catch up by Sunday!

—Nixon, he broke real bad, dan


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