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Big Star, Like Very Luminous Supergiant Big

July 19th, 2013 § Leave a Comment

One of the very best music docs of SIFF 2013’s Face the Music lineup is exclusive to the Grand Illusion this week!

Perhaps because I never worked at a record store, I wasn’t privy to the whole 90s rediscovery of Big Star, but I sure do know the theme song to “That 70s Show.”  Maybe if Big Star had a song on a mainstream television show during the actual 70s, things might’ve turned out differently for the band.

Big Star: Accurate or Audacious?

Big Star: Accurate or Audacious?

This has a been a great year for rock docs about bands not properly appreciated during their brief lifespans. Between this film and A BAND CALLED DEATH (also from the 70s), I’ve heard a fair amount of earth-shatteringly good music that I want to know why I’ve never heard it before. You almost feel cheated in a way, but it makes the discovery that much sweeter. Now, Death never had the exposure that Big Star did, so the comparison isn’t quite the same, but the emotional punch of both movies (and the kick-ass soundtracks) made them two of the rock docs this year (along with THE PUNK SINGER for the trifecta).

You know we always strive to bring you the freshest and best in music and movies at the GI, and this week we’ve truly done it! And with live sets by Red Jacket Mine following our 8pm Friday and Saturday shows this weekend, music and movies go hand in hand!

—excited for all our VHS films coming up soon, dan

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