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Great, More to Feel Guilty About

March 27th, 2013 § Leave a Comment

I already have the wild/farm-raised salmon debate with the girlfriend every once in a while (I’m for either, farm-raised means sustainable), but now I got to feel guilty about tuna too?

“Sushi: The Global Catch,” the first world premiere I helped orchestrate for SIFF, starts off with a loving and glowing reverence for Tokyo’s fish market and its premier sushi grandmasters. Eventually we get around the world’s growing obsession with sushi, with China on the precipice of becoming the world’s next largest demander of fish. The film immediately segues into its activist heart: save the bluefin tuna!

Another ocean apex predator??? But I'm already pro-shark!

Another ocean apex predator??? But I’m already pro-shark!

Knowing that overfishing in general was happening, I did not know the specific plight of one of the oceans most important members of the food chain. I am myself a loud and vehement defender against killing the ocean’s sharks (I tried a shark fin dumpling once and still feel guilty about it), and now I have one more fish I have to lump into my plaintiffs. Actually, I kind of wish there was a straightforward oceanic court of law that I could argue against killing off the ocean’s largest creatures and we’d have done with it once and for all. I would of course be bringing a class action lawsuit against the world on behalf of giant octopus, whales, dolphins, et al.

Anyway, I love sushi but if bluefin tuna is the main thing I’ll have to cut I think I’ll survive. As long as tuna is doing ok in general that is, as I prefer ahi and yellowtail for my sushi and sashimi over regular tuna (which I assume is bluefin the way this documentary goes on).

And for the love of god, while we’re at it, please convince my girlfriend to leave tako alone!

—sushi, moshi moshi, dan

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