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Bond IV

March 20th, 2013 § Leave a Comment

Coming at you better late than never. OHMSS, almost scientific, that. If you don’t get that, don’t bother. It’s not that funny.

What a unique treat this film is. Lazenby is a delight of a Bond, and why he only got one film I don’t know. He brought more humanity and kinetic physicality to the role than Connery did, IMHO and others with whom I have conversed. However, perhaps a too emotional and sensitive Bond for some (my girlfriend). Yes, there is wedding bells, but its Diana Goddman Rigg, so can you blame Bond for that one? It’s nice to have a Bond girl who can really carry her own in this film, with action and wit.

Yes, this is a very long Bond film, and almost seems at times to go out of its way to lose its energy and momentum. But in contrast to such Bond films as the previous entry, “You Only Live Twice,” the action sequences are better choreographed and, as they are not as frequent, they stand alone as more brilliant set pieces. While a bit more serious and capery, the film is not without its winking comedy and one-liners. At the end of the cold open, Lazenby looks straight at the camera and says “this never happened to the other guy.”

Too bad they didn't get the Scot to wear this outfit.

Too bad they didn’t get the Scot to wear this outfit.

The opening credits then roll with a montage of events from the previous Bond films. This is a series that knows where it came from when it makes a departure. The villain, whom we’ve seen before, is also played by a new actor. The film both acknowledges its previous continuity yet completely eschews it (apart from recurring characters “M.” “Q” and Moneypenny). It’s a fascinating film in that regard in that in still works so well. The Bond series is not the first or only to change actors and keep going, but it is the longest running and most numerous. As this film is the first to do so (if you don’t count non-canon and seriously un-funny “Casino Royale,” which I don’t), Bond fans should not miss this undersung film and praise it for allowing the series to continue and not fall flat on its face. This is before the time of rebooting franchises left and right! Remember those days? Sequel or nothing!

Here’s looking forward to some Moore Bond. Ha.

—Australia, give us more hunky heroes, dan

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