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Bond III

March 15th, 2013 § Leave a Comment

Well I watched “Goldfinger,” but I didn’t have the chance to blog about it. It was a fun film, with a visible villain and higher stakes. Less Hitchcock and more superspy.

By “You Only Live Twice” Bond is in full-form and full-swing. Nifty gadgets are setup only to be used in the very next scene. Scenes get written into the movie purely for Bond to make spectacular escapes. This film has action sequences and undercover disguises in spades. Connery even turns into a barely passable Japanese man (really not passable at all, no faking that exquisitely lined face)!

Connery-san. Sure, I believe it.

Connery-san. Sure, I believe it.

And later here in the 60s we’re in full camp mode: Japan’s secret service is composed of ninjas and our mysterious, cat-stroking evil mastermind tosses those who earn his irk into a bubbling green pond (piranhas!). And the movie possesses moments of laugh-out-loud sexism! “In Japan, men always come first, women come second.” Bond’s reply? “I may just return to here.” Not even a smoothly worded sentence! Come on James…

I feel a lot of exclamation points are creeping into this blog, but this third Bond film in our series is a lot bigger and the film feels a lot more, well, exclamatory. I mean, Flash Gordon rocket ships and secret volcano bases! We’ll see how/if “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” tops this one. No Connery though, so we’ll see.

—Bond but not forgotten, dan

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