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Bond I

March 9th, 2013 § Leave a Comment

Coming at you biweekly for the next little bit, just like our friend Mr. Bond.

First up in our three-week-six-movie-Bondanza is a little old movie called “From Russia With Love,” Bond film #2 and directly in line before our next film, Bond film #3 “Goldfinger.”

“From Russia” is a pretty straight played spy film, with a slice of noiresque thriller a la “The Lady Vanishes.” That mostly because the last third of the movie or so takes place on a train and there are mysterious figures lurking about. If you haven’t dipped into the old school, classic Bond, don’t expect the highly polished, near supernatural action star abilities of the Brosnan Bond or the psychologically developed and emotionally viable Craig Bond, this is straight playboy Bond by the coolest Connery imaginable.

Mmm, first film.

Mmm, first film.

And speaking of playboy Bond, that’s one aspect that has never wavered. Daniela Bianchi is a smoking hot blonde, again making me think of Hitchcock with a Novak or Hedren or Leigh. I don’t much go in for Bond girls in the last couple of decades, so these oldies are just what I need.

Check back soon and I’ll recommend “Goldfinger,” you bet your bottom dollar.

Oh, and that Hitchcock stuff. “North by Northwest.” Yeah. This film owes a lot.

—Blonde for Bond, dan

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