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The Gingerest Baker

March 1st, 2013 § Leave a Comment

My father knows who Ginger Baker is, he saw Cream perform back in the day.

“Hey dad, I’m watching a documentary about Ginger Baker we’re showing at the GI.”

“Ah, when he played the White Room he set up two bass drums and two pedals.”

This man rocks that suit!

This man rocks that suit!

So yeah, I guess he was pretty influential. Double kicking bass before metal existed. Jazz and world beat influenced. Ginger Baker plays a mean kit.

I dabbled with drums back in the day, had my own Pearl kit with Zildjian cymbals. Matching hardware. Man, I miss those guys, but I was never really that good. I could play The Strokes, The White Stripes, Arcade Fire (basically everything that was big in 2004 had fairly simple drum parts), but no way Jose could I have played any of that Creamy drum goodness (which was a shame, because my friend Peter could play guitar Clapton style).

You don’t want to hear about my brief flirtation with drums, sold off for space reasons post college (like my dignity, thanks financial collapse). This documentary is yet another music documentary at the Grand Illusion, but Ginger Baker is such a powerful personality and has had such a tumultuous career that the drama of his life is worth the price of admission alone. The superlative drumming pretty much comes second.

Comes second but not by much.

—I love me some gingers, though this Ginger is tough to love, dan

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