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The Original Twilight (Zone)

November 30th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Back before vampires sparkled and Native Americans were thinly-veiled racist caricatures (well, that’s not really a recent thing), there was a little television show that gave mainstream American television the sort of mind trips and thought experiments long enjoyed in the realm comic books and pulp fiction (and even higher brow stuff). And what better way to enjoy and celebrate the pop-culture landmark of a bygone era than in a movie theatre on an obsolete format! That’s right, 16mm baby! The NW’s king of 16mm and GI mainstay Dennis Nyback is gonna wow you with his collection of 21 classic episodes, split over seven days in three episode chunks. 90 minutes of televised bliss! Buy a pass, skip the Hulu Plus membership this month! Our screen is better than yours anyway.

I know this is the same image as the main page, but nothing says it better than this!

And with the perfect segue into our repertory run of IAWL, join us on Friday the 7th for a good old fashioned Nyback Christmas special. Culled from his mighty collection and ripened with age, truly a wonder to behold. Perfect for getting you in the mood for another smash year of VHSXMAS, coming at you Saturday night the 8th! I’ll be there, you better be too!

—a short blog about shorts, dan

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