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More Than Just The White Stripes

April 28th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

You might think the GI is banging on the same drum of late, but it is a drum that is firmly and purposefully sounded because there is a wealth of wonderful music documentaries that no other movie theatre in town has the cojones to show!

This week we got another doc about a music scene, this time about the new Detroit music scene, kicked off in the 80s by the Gories. You’ll hear a lot of great music in this documentary, most of it not coming from the White Stripes. Of course for legal (and probably financial) reasons, the White Stripes themselves don’t make an appearance in this film, nor does any of their songs that you probably know. But you don’t even notice their absence in the interview chair as the whiz bang pow of talent keeps you rocking and entertained as there is not a single weak band in the whole movie. One of the best “scene” music docs I’ve ever seen.

Jack White's influence is felt all over this film...

And this Saturday night, the film starts off its week-long run with a one-two punch of director Q+A and live music provided by own very own Mike Puljung! His band Hausfrau fits in right along with the balls out garage rock showcased in the film. 7:30, you know you wanna be there!

And of course the return of late night GI classic “Gums,” the movie I’ve consistently missed and will have to miss again as I’m one sick man right now. But please, see it for me and then rub it in my face because I so want to see this moooooovie!’

I’m stoked that our WordPress formatting is back to normal!

—blogging it again for real style, dan

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