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Jobriath C.E.

February 1st, 2014 § Leave a Comment

My gosh my goodness, what a well-told story of someone’s life. The ultimate of tragedies. This film is a must see documentary, not just from a music interest or gay interest standpoint, but because it is one of the most full-fledged stories of “before their time” genius I have ever seen.


This album cover’s actually pretty rad.

Jobriath was a genius of a composer and performer. I especially liked the Cole Berlin persona of his later years, deftly tickling the ivories with the quaintest and most delightful of tunes. I think he could have been a great Broadway musical writer. So sad.

His dismissal at the time of being wrapped up and delivered as a star feels so ironic living in a post-American Idol America, though some of the same dances with being too outwardly gay still factor today (even on that show). Though again, this film transcends just being a story about the first openly gay rock star, which it could have easily been in the hands of a less talented filmmaker. The film has just the right amount of reveals, plot twists, and act breaks you would expect if it was a narrative film instead of a documentary.

And the film’s even got a print version Stranger Suggests this week! See it Saturday night and I’ll be the one projecting it for your edification.

—go Hawks, dan

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